Peter Capaldi: My first ever Tardis was in my bedroom

The new Doctor also tells Radio Times about the day he was revealed to the world and the letter he wrote to us at the age of 15…


While it’s no secret that Peter Capaldi is a big fan of Doctor Who, each new detail of his geeky, childhood love for the show is a fresh delight. 


Speaking to Alison Graham in this week’s issue of Radio Times, the new Doctor reveals that stepping into the Tardis – as in the actual police box, not the console room – for the first time reminded him of his first ever time machine: his wardrobe. 

“I’d never been in the police box before, apart from the wardrobe at home when I was a kid pretending it was a police box. I was shocked to find that it was just like a wardrobe, like something your dad had made. And there was a prop bloke and a smoke machine. When I had to step out of it, it was quite nerve-wrecking, but delightful as well.”

The former The Thick of It actor also reveals that he was an avid follower of the first four Doctors – William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker – but was then distracted by other pursuits as a teenager. 

“I loved it from the start and stayed with it until I was 17, then, probably about halfway through Tom Baker’s reign, I checked out.” 

Two years before he “checked out,” however, he wrote a fervent letter to Radio Times praising our “excellent Dr Who Special.” 

“Yes, that’s embarrassing,” he says. “Do you really want to see your 15-year-old self…?”

Elsewhere in the interview, Capaldi talks of the night he was revealed to the nation live on BBC1 – “there was a lot of cloak-and-dagger stuff” – how he doesn’t think his performance as the Doctor has “quite fallen into place yet” and what troubles he shares with former Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant. 


Read the full interview in Radio Times, out now.