Meet the Made in Chelsea NYC: Jules Hamilton – “cheating depends on the arrangement you have”

The model and filmmaker was the poor kid at a school of billionaires' sons but nowadays hangs with Leo DiCaprio, Kanye West, Drake and David Blaine

Made in Chelsea has moved to Manhattan for the summer – where the well-heeled twenty-somethings are joined by a batch of brand new Americans. The newbies are as glossy and polished as their British counterparts, and about to cause just as much drama.


MEET… JULES HAMILTON, 24, New York-born male model

What do you do for a living?

I make films: I studied film production at New York University and premiered my first film this summer. I raised £72,000 on Kickstarter to make it. I balance that with modelling. I do a lot of high fashion editorials in magazines like Vogue.

Did you have a privileged childhood?

The running gag at my private school was that I was the poor kid. Which was absurd because my parents did very well and we had a big city apartment. But I went to school with sons of billionaires, their dads owned banks. I grew up in this world so I’m comfortable with it and I feel like I’m in a natural environment with this Chelsea group. But there’s tiers of things. My mom came from a trailer park and made it on her own as an accountant. 

Did you find it intimidating, coming into this new group of friends?

I didn’t really know who they were so I didn’t really mind. It’s been nice to get to know them more and more. I’m not looking for anything exclusive so I think it’s a fun opportunity to meet a lot of pretty girls. And there are a LOT of pretty girls. They’re a very good looking group. 

What were your first impressions of everybody?

I was very pleasantly surprised. There’s a family environment. Everyone is so nice, so it’s easy to be comfortable. I’ve hung out with Louise and Proudlock and Stevie. I’m integrated!

Is there any chemistry between you and any of the girls?

I think so, but it’s hard to say. I think time will tell. There might be something there. 

Have you worked out the history between all the different couples and who’s dated who and who still has feelings for their exes?

None of that bothers me. I don’t see people as property. I’ve had ex girlfriends who have slept with my friends. I feel like a lot of people get hung up on territory. It’s funny for me to see how important it is to these guys. I’ve heard that my attitude is “weird” from Lucy and Rosie. I haven’t had a deep discussion about anyone with it. 

How do you get on with the guys?

I’m competitive with the boys but not too competitive. I feel like there’s been playful competition between me and Alik We’re on the same team. And we’re open and talk about it. We see eye to eye. It’s fun to play. It spices up life a little bit. 

Do you think the dating scene is different in New York, compared to London?

Yes. Here we date lots of different people. That’s how you get to know people. Tinder is an amazing tool for the future. The world is changing and it’s an exciting time to be alive and be on the dating scene. You just have to treat people well. The thing about cheating is, it depends on the arrangement that you have. If someone is under the impression that you are exclusive and you’re straying then I think that’s unethical. I like to be a person of principle and stand by my values.

Do you hang out with any celebrities?

I know Leo DiCaprio, Kanye West, Drake, David Blaine was in a club with us the other day. When you grow up in this environment you don’t really think much of it. I used to be really good friends with Sigourney Weaver’s daughter. New York is just so compact and the private schools just compact all these people even further.


Made in Chelsea NYC starts on Sunday, August 10 at 9pm on E4