Daniel Radcliffe shows his dark side and his American accent in new Horns teaser trailer

The Harry Potter star goes through hell and grows horns in the first trailer for his new supernatural thriller

He may be used to dodging Hungarian horntails as Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe is facing a very different spiky challenge in the first teaser trailer for supernatural thriller Horns.


The new film sees Radcliffe adopt an American accent to play Ig Perrish, a young man accused of killing his girlfriend Merrin Wililams (played by Juno Temple). 

The trailer offers a fleeting glimpse of Radcliffe with horns growing out of his head. “No one is born evil,” Radcliffe’s voiceover muses, “but sometimes when you go through hell, the only way out is to walk deeper into the fire.”

The trailer accompanies a new movie poster, featuring Radcliffe’s face on a newspaper front page with the headline, “Is this the face of the devil?”.

Directed by Alexandra Aja, Horns is based on Joe Hill’s dark fantasy novel and also stars Max Minghella, Heather Graham and David Morse. The film will be in UK cinemas 31 October – aka Halloween…