Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

7-11 April: Jess lands in Summer Bay with a bump, while Bianca hears some shocking news


Monday 7 April


Bianca gets a shock when a woman from Heath’s past shows up in town. A confused Marilyn worries that John is about to propose, as she is unready for marriage and concerned about breaking his heart. Sasha tries to win votes with cupcakes, but a poll reveals that she is still a long way behind Tamara. 

Tuesday 8 April

Bianca is devastated to learn that Jess is pregnant with Heath’s baby. When Denny reveals that he may have to leave town because he owes money on the caravan, Evelyn and Oscar try to think of ways to help him stay. Josh tries to derail Sasha’s campaign to become school captain. In the end, however, Sasha uses her final speech to persuade everyone to vote. After the dust settles, the election yields one surprising result. 

Wednesday 9 April

Ricky is upset to discover that Casey plans to approach Adam in jail to try to persuade him to help Brax in his appeal. Just as Adam tells Casey he will be looking for something big in return for his co-operation, Ricky arrives and informs him that she makes the rules. Zac and Hannah hit the rocks after she discovers that he knew about Denny moving in. Bianca corners Jess and discovers how much information Heath has shared with her. 

Thursday 10 April

Annoyed that he has to cover for Casey, Andy decides to skip work and spend time with Hannah instead. Adam apologises to Ricky for the way he used her, but refuses to help Brax as it would mean more time in jail for him. Phoebe insists that Kyle inform her of everything that has happened since he left Melbourne. Just as Chris, John, Marilyn and Roo are congratulating each other on a job well done, the date that they arranged for Irene calls to cancel. 

Friday 11 April

The truth proves to be difficult to swallow for Phoebe. Chris tries to save Irene’s night from being a washout. Roo gives Phoebe a shoulder to cry on and opens up about her fears for Harvey. Having made up her mind to move back to Melbourne, Phoebe then asks Kyle to go with her.