Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

10-14 February: April and Dex get married, while Sasha faces an uncertain future

Monday 10 February


Sasha faces an uncertain future when Sid tells her that she cannot stay in the Bay alone. Indi tells Casey that she is thinking of selling the gym, but he suggests that she keep it and leave him in charge. After receiving a phone call, Bianca arrives at the high school to find the place completely trashed. 

Tuesday 11 February

When Spencer tries to find a way for Sasha to stay in the Bay, Chris suggests she could stay at Irene’s. But when Sasha approaches Sid to suggest the idea, she sees how much he will miss her and keeps quiet. John has a last-minute change of heart after deciding that Marilyn should look after Jett instead of going to the wedding. His shirt is ruined, the wrong cake is delivered and the florists cancel, but as the big day arrives, Dex is cool as a cucumber – until he sees April struggling to hold it together as she freezes in the limo outside the chapel. 

Wednesday 12 February

Bianca reassures April that even if life is not perfect her love for Dex is and the ceremony goes ahead without a further hitch. After sharing a bittersweet dance together, Tamara and Casey face the fact that they are at the end of the road. Sid decides to let Sasha stay in the Bay. April, Dex, Sid and Indi leave town together although their destinations are different. 

Thursday 13 February

As they move into the Walkers’ old place, Zac and Hannah’s growing attraction is hampered by the need to provide a home for Oscar and Evelyn. The twins have their first day at their new school. Josh is annoyed by what he perceives as Maddy’s charity. During a prison visit, Kyle reveals his suspicions to Brax about Nate’s interest in Ricky. 

Friday 14 February


After Ricky faints, Nate persuades her to take a pregnancy test. Jett asks Alf to try to get Marilyn and John to spend more time together. Andy makes things difficult when he comes between Maddy and Josh. Montgomery repeatedly belittles Josh until Leah stands up to her, showing her up as being a coward.