Doctor Who Christmas special title, synopsis, monsters and first picture revealed

Expect The Silents, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and snow in the Doctor Who festive episode


Mere days ago Doctor Who fans were waiting, breath bated, for The Day of the Doctor. But now the much anticipated 50th anniversary episode has come and gone.


That doesn’t mean we’ve got nothing to look forward to, though. Oh no. Because we now have the title and a brief synopsis for the Doctor Who Christmas episode.

In the Time of the Doctor follows Clara and the Time Lord “to a quiet backwater planet in order to learn what some strange signals mean for his very existence”.

All very mysterious but we can also draw a few further conclusions about the episode – including which of the Doctor’s foes will be making an appearance – from the newly released first image… 

It’s midnight. It’s snowing. It’s Christmas. But there is nothing festive about The Doctor’s expression. 

Clara is wearing a Christmas hat and grasping a cracker – perhaps she’s been pulled away from her Christmas lunch, or is just determined to continue celebrations in spite of the presence of a decapitated Cyberman?

In the background the Silents are approaching Clara and The Doctor while to the left two frozen hands reach out of the snowy ground. And in the background Christmas appears to have gone up in flames. 

There’s a little more to learn from the 10-second teaser trailer. For starters, the Christmas episode, which will be Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor, will see the time-travellers return to Trenzalore, the site of the Doctor’s tomb and the place The Silence never wanted him to go…

There are also going to be… 


Weeping Angels…

A Cyberman, with his head intact. 

And a bell ringing ominously.

Watch the 10-second preview… 

Doctor Who returns this Christmas.