Neighbours: the week ahead on Ramsay Street

4-8 November: Georgia's cousin arrives, while Sheila makes a huge error

Monday 4 November


After spilling her coffee over him, a good-looking stranger makes a move on Kyle but he tells her that he has a girlfriend. Later she knocks on his door and announces that she is Georgia’s cousin, Gemma. Amber and Josh have completely different ideas about their relationship. After learning of Jack’s death, Paul has a change of heart about suing Georgia for the profits of the song.

Tuesday 5 November

As Georgia asks Toadie to let Gem move in at his place, Kyle agrees to keep his initial meeting with her a secret. Gem fluffs an interview for a teaching post at the school, but Toadie pressures Susan to give her a chance. Kate helps to prove Mason’s innocence after Paul believes he has behaved inappropriately with a guest. This leads Mason to think that Kate still cares for him.

Wednesday 6 November

Gem is given the job but there remains a cloud over what happened at her previous school. Susan forces Bailey and Callum to work together on a science project, but this does not help to patch up their differences. Sheila approaches a man she thinks is stalking her, but he turns out to be doing a photographic project and calls the police.

Thursday 7 November

Sheila regains some confidence at a self-defence class. Chris has a one-night stand to get over Hudson, but it does little good. Imogen vows to stay single and concentrate on her goal of becoming a lawyer. Brad worries after a customer at the gym is injured while using some dodgy equipment.

Friday 8 November


Lauren is delighted about Amber’s mature attitude to sex and thework experience she has got at Lassiter’s. However, her feelings change when she walks in on her daughter getting heavy with Joshua in the hotel spa. As Chris’s conquests grow in number, Kate gets more and more concerned. Mason laughs off a suggestion that he and Imogen are a good match, while she sees things differently.