Benedict Cumberbatch finally reveals how Sherlock survived The Fall… sort of

“How many more clues do you need?” asks the star as he hints at what really happened…

At last.


Benedict Cumberbatch has given the strongest hint yet as to how Sherlock survived that nasty-looking plunge from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital at the end of series two.

“Have you seen the winged suits on YouTube??” said Cumberbatch during a webchat on Reddit. “I told you I was into skydiving. How many more clues do you need people?”

Well we’re no Sherlocks but we’re pretty sure he’s suggesting that the detective used either a parachute, a flying suit or a combination of both to make it safely to the ground.

What we can’t work out is exactly how we missed that – there must have been some pretty skillful misdirection involved…

Anyway, Cumberbatch is not making it up when he says he’s into skydiving. Last year we showed you these photos of him doing his first parachute jump, and he told one fan who asked him about his favourite places in the world: “Touching the earth after my first skydiving jump in New Zealand.”