Meet Borrowed Time star Theo Barklem-Biggs

You may know him from The Inbetweeners Movie and legal drama Silk, but now the up and coming actor is taking centre stage alongside Phil Davis in a new British film

Theo Barklem-Biggs is probably best known for popping up as Magaluf lout Richard in The Inbetweeners Movie, and playing junior clerk Jake in BBC legal drama Silk.


But now he’s swapping goofy layabout for troubled teen in upcoming cinema release Borrowed Time, a bittersweet comedy about the unlikely relationship between his character and an elderly neighbour played by his Silk co-star Phil Davis. chatted to the up and coming actor…

You star with Phil Davis in both Silk and Borrowed Time. What’s that like?

“Re-uniting was lovely. Phil went from hunched over in Borrowed Time to upright, posh and powerful for Silk.

“At first I was nervous, seeing stuff he’s been in way before, but he made me feel very comfortable from rehearsals. He really did his own thing and the writer/director was willing to let us play about with the script. I saw Phil really going for it and playing about with the text, making the character his own, which I found really interesting.”

Tell us about your character Kevin. Are we supposed to like or hate him?

“He’s a marginalized youth on the fringe of society, but he kind of lacks a father figure as well. His dad isn’t about or his mum. He’s kind of been brought up by his sister.

“He needs to get some money back so he ends up getting into drug dealing and an unlikely relationship forms with Philip’s character Phil… after he burgles Phil’s house that is. 

“But it’s a great story, because it’s not a lie to say that some youths have dabbled in a crime, but to say they don’t have a heart is not true and I think that shows that. We hope you will warm to Kevin and Philip’s character by the end.”

Is Kevin quite similar to your character Jake in Silk?

“Jake is a lazy one, a bit gormless. But I think he’s alright. He’s got family – Billy [the head clerk in chambers] is his uncle – he’s got a job. Jake gets things wrong, but he’s not stupid. He’s got opportunities that Kevin hasn’t got nearly enough of. I think Jake provides the comic relief in Silk. Kevin can be funny at times, quite darkly in a way because you’re laughing at things going wrong. But I also think Kevin’s more trouble, so there’s more a drama story to tell.”

Will we see you in the next Inbetweeners movie?

“I don’t think so. I don’t think Richard will be coming back. I think it was a one-off. I don’t think you can repeat that. I think I was happy with what I did in that film. I think that character was so out there, it’d be hard to bring him back. It felt like a one-off thing that can’t be done again.”

What was it like filming the first Inbetweeners movie?

“It was a weird experience in Magaluf. We had a night out and a day off the next day. Some weird things happened. I couldn’t possibly say. But there was some great research for character building going on there. Good for Richard, definitely.”

See Borrowed Time in cinemas from 13 September