Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Jet Li head to Bulgaria to film Expendables 3

Shooting for the third installment of the action flick about an elite group of mercenaries is well underway in southeast Europe


A Hollywood A-list cast, including former US governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Jason Statham (Snatch) and Jet Li (The One), is currently in Bulgaria shooting the multi-million pound sequel The Expendables 3.


As well as shooting on location, the production company has created a studio to replicate New York’s downtown Manhattan streets and the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

The feature film will also star Dolph Lundgren (The Shooter), Randy Couture (UFC 
Wrestling), Wesley Snipes (Blade), Antonio Banderas (Desperado) and Harrison Ford (Star Wars).

The team’s motto “no soldier gets left behind” clearly doesn’t doesn’t apply to the thrird film, as Bruce Willis has not been seen in the first few days of filming.

This time round, Mel Gibson (Braveheart) and Twilight’s Kellen Lutz will also join the Patrick Hughes-directed movie.

Gibson will play the character of Conrad Stonebanks – a dirty arms dealer, who provokes Stallone to bring in a new Expendables team who are, according to Lionsgate Films, “younger, faster and more tech-savvy,”

The first two Expendables movies made nearly £383 million in global box office revenue.

The Expendables 3 is due for release in August 2014.

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