Twitter Trends – The Dark Knight Rises, Marissa Meyer, Nick Buckle and Rogue Traders

We take a look at some of the topics that have been lighting up the Twittersphere today



The latest Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises has been the talk of the Twittersphere all day as early reviews crop up around the internet.

Based on the wave of positive feedback, @MovieHumor saw things in black and white: “There are 2 kinds of people in the world. People stoked to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’…and blind people.”

Meanwhile, @marcfennell’s review is sure to delight Twitter fans up and down the country: “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is nothing you expect and everything you want. Epic, Operatic & utterly surprising.”

And associate editor @XanBrooks keeps the praise rolling in, tweeting: “The Dark Knight Rises brings Batman trilogy to a bruising, bombastic, eminently satisfying crescendo.”

We’re rather excited.


Former Google chief exec Marissa Mayer has been appointed CEO of Yahoo and has been firmly ensconced in the UK trends ever since. Top prize goes to @Hal9000_ who said what we’re all thinking: “Marissa Mayer is the new CEO of Yahoo. I still used Google to find out who she is.”

Add to her new job that she’s six months pregnant and you have ample opportunity for many a witty Twitter quip. Here’s a couple of the best:

@arunverma: “Marissa Mayer is the new Yahoo CEO and she is pregnant. Good decision. Finally Yahoo has a CEO who will deliver!”

@RodBegbie: “Well, that rules out the possibility that Marissa Mayer was drunk when she accepted the Yahoo job offer…”

Not to be confused with poor American novelist Marissa Meyer who is probably not having a very good day…


Goodness knows how G4S boss Nick Buckles has managed to hang onto his job after the week he’s had. The much-maligned security chief, who’s failed to supply enough staff to man the UK’s Olympic venues, appeared in front of MPs today to atone for his company’s “unacceptable, incompetent and amateurish” handling of Olympic security. In Twitter terms it is a gift…

Opening the bidding is Elizabeth Windsor’s popular tweeter @Queen_UK who did the obvious with her, “Can’t help but think that G4S’s chief exec Nick Buckles surname is ironically appropriate.”

Well at least he’s been given an opportunity to defend himself… oh, wait, he made a bit of a mess of that too, as spotted by @TheMediaTweets: “Nick Buckles took the Olympic contract ‘not to make money but to build a reputation for G4S’. And he has.”

Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow waded into the debate: “G4S’s CEO Nick Buckles in danger of becoming unbuckled from leadership of the company according to today’s FT amid Olympic contract failure.” Who doesn’t love a good pun?

We’ve just got to poke a bit of fun at that name one more time with @TerenceBlacker’s “The hapless security boss is called Nick Buckles, the greedy banker Bob Diamond. Is life becoming a game of Cluedo?”


And you couldn’t have made up today’s final Twitter trend: Rogue Traders presenter Dan Penteado is jailed for benefit fraud.


There’s the odd person tweeting their agreement, but no one sums it up better than @MarkWebb_Dixons: “The word ‘irony’ was invented for this.”