DVD review: The Persuaders! – the Complete Series

High adventure with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis on Blu-ray for the first time


The Persuaders!: The Complete Series (Cert: PG)


4 stars

In a nutshell: action adventure series with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as two millionaire dilettantes

A post-Saint and pre-Bond Roger Moore teamed up with Tony Curtis to play a couple of mismatched playboys in this fondly remembered (if short-lived) drama from Lew Grade’s ITC stable. Reluctantly joining forces to solve cases that the courts could not, aristocratic Lord Brett Sinclair and rough diamond Danny Wilde also found plenty of time to compete for the attentions of glamorous women, including the likes of Kate O’Mara and Joan Collins. True fans may want to seek the series on Blu-ray, where it’s presented in high definition for the first time.


Format: DVD and Blu-ray
Extra features: commentary, promotional film for John Barry’s single of The Persuaders! featuring Pan’s People, European promotional spots, an episode of The Saint (The Ex-King of Diamonds), which is generally regarded as a pilot for The Persuaders!