32 new Doctor Who images that make us desperate to watch The Woman Who Lived

Maisie Williams returns! Rufus Hound makes his Who debut! And we get another look at that fantastic lion creature

There we were thinking that Leandro the lion creature thingy would be the most visually intriguing thing about Doctor Who’s The Woman Who Lived. Then the new episode images were revealed, and we had even more to ponder.


We’ve already noted that the Doctor is wielding what looks like a hastily cobbled together sonic screwdriver, but it’s safe to say the new pics provide plenty more surprises.

We get a first look at Rufus Hound making his Who debut as Sam Swift, Peter Capaldi treats us to another musical interlude (where did he find a new pair of shades so quickly?), and for some reason Maisie Williams looks bloody angry to have run into the Doctor once again.

Roll on Saturday 24th October


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