Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are so very Victorian in new Sherlock Special picture

You have to love the new costumes for John and Sherlock's upcoming period adventure

We already knew the upcoming Sherlock special would be set in Victorian London, but there’s Victorian and then there’s this.


That’s more Victorian than Queen Victoria assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Either Holmes and Watson are going back to their roots, or they’ve become hipsters in a Dalston mezcal bar. In his pin-stripe getup and with slicked back hair, Benedict Cumberbatch is a dead ringer for Jeremy Brett, his illustrious forebear in the role.


We still don’t know anything about the story or even exactly when the show will air (although Christmas is looking like a good bet), and we defy Holmes himself to garner anything from Martin Freeman’s handlebar moustache and jaunty tie-pin. Nevertheless, the morning suit is a more relaxed look than the top hat and tails we’ve seen previously, and suggests we’re going to see 400% more outfits in this one special than in the show itself.