If you're playing FIFA 23's edition of FIFA Ultimate Team, you might find yourself hankering for more FUT coins. And if you're wondering how to get FIFA coins fast, you've come to the right place for some tips and tricks.


Long-term players know (and it won't take new fans long to learn) that FIFA 23 coins are the only currency you can spend in the FUT transfer market. While you can use the easier-to-come-by FIFA points to pay for packs, it's only coins that will allow you to buy that one specific player that you want (it's Peter Crouch in this player's mind, if you were wondering).

So, if you want to wade into the transfer market and start buying players, you'll need to start collecting some FIFA coins. Keep on reading to find out all of the methods available, and our tips to help you make the most of them.

How to get coins in FIFA 23

Key art for FIFA 23.

The easiest way to get coins in FIFA 23 is to sell some players, which you can do in the game itself or via the FIFA 23 Web App/Companion App. You can 'quick sell' players and items for a pre-set fee (unless they're loan players or marked as untradeable), or you can try and get more for them by listing them on the transfer market.

While selling any spare players you happen to have is a great way to get some extra pocket money, you'll earn much better returns by playing the transfer market through grabbing players going for less than their value and selling them for a profit. Try selling at peak hours – usually as the weekend starts on Friday morning – and buy during quieter hours such as Sunday evening. Remember you can sell most consumables too!

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You can also buy during the reward periods for Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles where there'll be a sudden influx of new cards, or during in-game Lightning Rounds when there are sales on high-value packs.

If you're really savvy, you can invest in cards that will increase in value over time. Pay attention to Squad Building Challlenges (SBCs) and their completion requirements, as they usually require cards that are cheap at the start of the game but will see a sudden spike in value when required for an SBC.

Another option is just to, simply, play the game – you'll earn coins for finishing FUT matches which will soon add up, especially once you have active coin boosts from completing Milestones. Getting into a routine of playing regular Divisions Rivals and Squad Battles are one of the best ways to do this as several of the lower ranks still offer coins as a reward.

Can you buy FIFA 23 coins?

Technically, you can't buy FIFA coins from EA or any major retailers – but you can pay to make getting FIFA 23 coins a whole lot easier.

You can buy FIFA 23 points from Amazon or CD Keys in batches of 2800, 5900 or 12000. You can then use these FIFA Points to buy packs, and then sell players as outlined above – and it'll soon be raining FIFA coins for you.

While it is worth using your daily preview, it is generally advised not to buy Gold Packs. They are so easy to earn that the Transfer Market is usually flooded with Gold players – it is much easier to profit from Bronze Packs, which can fund itself if you sell players at the right time.

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