Here’s why Anna Willison Holt or Eliza Gutteridge could win The Voice UK

The two friends from Cumbria were giving us serious déjà vu from The Voice UK 2017

The Voice UK 2018 Anna Willison Holt and Eliza Gutteridge

On Saturday’s episode of The Voice UK, best friends Anna Willison Holt and Eliza Gutteridge auditioned separately for the superstar coaches.


The 17-year-olds, who go to the same college in Cumbria, delivered incredible but very different performances in their blind auditions – Anna singing Never Forget You by The Noisettes and Eliza giving a distinctive performance of Wild Horses by Birdy.

As one of the pair performed on stage, the other watched their friend’s performance on a monitor backstage and cheered them on.

And then we thought – wait a minute, haven’t we been here before?

On The Voice UK last year, friends and flatmates Mo Adeniran and Max Vickers came along to the blind auditions and performed separately for the coaches. Mo ended up on Team JHud and Max on Team Gavin.

And then amazingly and almost against all the odds, both of the boys managed to separately make it to The Voice UK’s live quarter-finals, with Mo actually going on to win the whole show!

The similarities don’t stop there. In her VT, Eliza also revealed that both her and Anna both share the same passion for music and that they even perform together. Mo and Max also revealed that they worked together – and they even nearly auditioned as a duo for The Voice UK!

Which made us think – could Anna and Eliza make it two years on the trot for best friends making it to the top in the show?

Watch this space.


The Voice UK airs Saturdays at 8pm on ITV