Emmerdale spoilers: will Debbie shop Charity to the police? Charley Webb interview

Debbie turns the tables on her mum in order to keep Pete out of prison

Debbie Dingle is to turn her back on mum Charity next week and plot to shop her to the police.


After Debbie finds out about Charity’s car scam – which she’s running with Ross Barton from Butler’s Farm – it’s enough to make her sever ties with her mother.

“She’s so sick of Charity always using her,” says actress Charley Webb. “She’s never been there for her and she’s never been a mum that she should have been. When she hears this news, she feels like that’s it. She doesn’t owe her anything anymore. She’s always looking out for her but gets nothing back.”

But further drama comes when Debbie’s boyfriend Pete Barton is asked by the police to get Charity to confess to her part in the arson attack on Home Farm.

Pete – who is facing a manslaughter charges following the death of a girl to whom he dealt drugs – will get the chance to strike a deal with DI Bails. His mission: to get a confession from Charity in exchange for him escaping a prison sentence. And it isn’t long before a disgruntled Debbie is getting involved too.

“Debbie has to persuade Pete to go for it, which he eventually does,” says Webb. “Her idea is to record Charity, in the same way as she did with Gennie. Debbie thinks that if they’ve got something on tape then maybe they can use it. But the police say that they don’t think it’s usable. So Debbie decides to force into confessing – that’s their next move.”


And is Debbie really angry enough to go ahead with the scheme? “It’s a big thing. She’s angry at the moment, but maybe when she’s had some time to think about it it might all get a bit too much. We’ll have to wait and see.”