What is Knock Down The House on Netflix about? Who’s in it? How can I watch?

Everything you need to know about this inspirational Netflix documentary


Election season is upon the UK once again! If you can just about bear any more politics, then Netflix’s look at campaign trails across the pond might just be for you…


What is Knock Down The House about?

Knock Down The House follows four determined women from modest backgrounds who challenge big-money politicians at the 2018 US midterm elections. The documentary covers their campaign efforts, personal struggles, strong opposition and one of the most shocking upsets in recent US politics.

Best of all, there won’t be any mention of Brexit!

How can I watch Knock Down The House?

The film is available to watch now on Netflix.


Who is in Knock Down The House?

Knock Down The House focuses on four real-life candidates for Congress – young bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, coal miner’s daughter Paula Jean Swearengin, nurse and pastor Cori Bush and healthcare campaigner Amy Vilela. Without giving too much away, one of these women has since become an international celebrity, a political powerhouse and Time Magazine cover star.

Is there a trailer?