Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

6-10 October: Georgia and Kyle’s pre-wedding parties end badly when Chris is injured

Monday 6 October


Ramsay Street gathers to celebrate Georgia and Kyle’s stag and hen parties. Terese takes the opportunity to have a serious word with Naomi about her ongoing fling with her son. Naomi sees sense and drops in on the boys just long enough to break up with Josh. Daniel announces his engagement to Amber, the last straw for Josh, who has to be hauled outside by Chris. Only moments later, Chris is attacked by an unseen assailant. Elsewhere, Paul tracks down his own, more amiable attacker and realises that they have met before in South America. 

Tuesday 7 October

Chris slips into a coma following the attack, and suspicion immediately falls on Nate when he responds to his boyfriend’s condition with aloofness. A fresh discovery about his past also seems to lay the blame at his door. Josh, however, has a shock confession to make. Meanwhile, Paul’s mystery woman, Dakota, asks Paul to help her make a new start. 

Wednesday 8 October

Terese finds it difficult to accept that her son could have attacked Chris in such a cowardly fashion and tries to persuade Lauren that it could still have been Nate. Josh takes full responsibility, however, and heads to the police station. Daniel, feeling guilty, apologises to Matt for the impromptu announcement, only to find that Matt considers the engagement a joke – so far as he is concerned, there will be no wedding. 

Thursday 9 October

Terese’s inability to face up to the situation prompts Lauren to wrestle with her conscience. Nate finds himself staying by Chris’s side in the hospital, although he is unsure about the future of their fledgling relationship. Paige briefly succeeds in lifting Josh’s spirits before the pair find graffiti outside his home labelling him a coward. 

Friday 10 October


The Willis family hear that Chris has woken from his coma but that the road to recovery will be a long one. Josh takes positive steps to atone, starting with selling his swimming medals to raise funds for Chris’s medical bills. Toadie agrees to represent Josh in court, and when Naomi tries to dissuade him, his impassioned response makes her realise that she is still in love with him. Bailey and Alice grow closer.