Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

29 Sep-3 Oct: Daniel proposes to Amber, Terese’s suspicions that Lauren is planning to steal her husband boil over in public

Monday 29 September
Encouraged by Susan to shut down her paranoia about Lauren, Terese invites the Willises to dinner at the Waterhole. Seeing Brad and Lauren having yet another private conversation during the evening pushes her to the brink and she publicly accuses Lauren of trying to steal her husband. Imogen realises that she has fallen for Daniel and tries to make a quick exit, a move which Amber misinterprets. Naomi gets a shock when Sheila’s new boyfriend, Alan, kisses her.


Tuesday 30 September
Terese struggles with the fallout from her outburst, only half-apologising to Lauren at Brad’s behest. Paige steps in to try to reason with Terese, but Terese reacts badly. Toadie takes to his bike to prove to Karl that the injury he sustained to his behind is now behind him. Georgia is not convinced that the hospital staff are telling her the full story about her surgery.

Wednesday 1 October
Amber sets Imogen up to spend the day with Daniel, believing that she dislikes him, which only fuels Imogen’s secret feelings. Brad begins talking to Terese again in an attempt to move forward after it is revealed that she called Paige’s mother in anger. Bailey and Alice both get an interview for space camp, but Bailey decides to pull out, afraid that his feelings for her will get in the way.

Thursday 2 October
Imogen is distraught when she hears about Amber and Daniel’s engagement – not only because she is secretly in love with the groom, but because she thinks they are rushing into it. Lou accidentally collects the wrong box – the famous blue box – from Karl and Susan’s house for use in Bailey’s school presentation. Nate is shocked when he hears that Chris has discussed having a baby with Lucy.


Friday 3 October
Naomi tells Sheila about what happened with Alan, and Sheila asks him to leave. Karl and Susan are saved from public humiliation in the nick of time as Karl brings the correct box to school. Josh prolongs his fling with Naomi to try to forget Amber, and Paul is surprised in the street by a mysterious woman.