Neighbours spoilers: Amber has her ultrasound, Brad clashes with Ezra’s son Clem, plus Nate resigns

25-29 May: Plus Paul brings Naomi and Brennan together. And Sonya is seen out on a secret date

Monday 25 May


Ezraʼs son Clem provokes Brad into giving him detention but then claims that he is being picked on, forcing Susan to instruct them not to be alone together. Paige and Tyler spend another night working in the garage stripping cars, but are alarmed when a suspicious Brennan knocks on the door wondering who is inside. When Toadie gives Sonya a sleeved blanket for motherʼs day, she worries that he thinks of her as boring and matronly. 

Tuesday 26 May

Tyler pretends to Brennan that he and Paige were spending some quality time together. Meanwhile, Paige is determined to make the garage business legitimate and asks Michelle to cut a deal. Imogen is furious when she discovers that Josh might be the father of Amberʼs baby and issues an ultimatum. Nate is humiliated by having to dress up to promote the juice bar and decides to resign. 

Wednesday 27 May

Josh is pleased when he learns that he could be a dad. Daniel struggles to cope with Paige and Imogenʼs interfering, and his weariness is compounded further when Josh turns up at the ultrasound. Paul is jealous when he sees Naomi playing pool with Brennan, but Karl gives him some surprising advice. 

Thursday 28 May

Brad does his best to get through to Clem, but an incident with Clemʼs phone leads to Brad being accused of invading his privacy and Susan is forced to suspend him. Paul puts his feelings aside and tells Brennan that he will help her get Naomi back. Nate accepts a job at the Waterhole, unaware that Ezra intends to make him Sheilaʼs boss, and to her dismay he falls in line with Ezraʼs expectations. 

Friday 29 May


Lauren asks Susan to look into Clemʼs mysterious text messages. Brad and Lauren stay up late reminiscing about their baby and accidentally fall asleep. Nate finds himself in a power struggle with Sheila, but she persuades him to work with her to trump Ezraʼs ambitions. Toadie is aghast when he spies a text on Sonyaʼs phone from a secret date.