Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

14-18 July: Heath tells Bianca that he wants a divorce, while Mark uses some strong-arm tactics to try to scare Phoebe away from Kyle

Monday 14 July


Mark organises a police raid at the Braxtons to try to scare Phoebe away from Kyle, but his scheme backfires. With Jett away at camp, John and Marilyn have some time together – but they spend it talking constantly about Jett. After Maddy makes amends with Alf, Josh tries to get Andy to sort things out with Casey. 

Tuesday 15 July

A furious Phoebe reveals that she has asked her father to leave town, but Kyle urges her to reconsider. Oscar provides Sasha with audio evidence of his confession of guilt over the hit-and- run, but Zac later begs Sasha to delete it. Nate tells Tamara that she needs urgent surgery to prevent her from going blind. Tamara breaks down, deciding that she wants to return home. 

Wednesday 16 July

Oscar apologises to Tamara as she says her goodbyes. With Sasha having decided to publish, Oscar makes a formal statement to the police. Denny and Chris argue when Chris reveals that he backs Sasha’s decision to publish. Heath is having a tough time looking after baby Harley without help. Bianca tries to support him but manages to make things worse. 

Thursday 17 July

Maddy enlists Josh to help plan a mid-year dance at school. Heath visits Bianca to tell her that he wants a divorce, after which Bianca reveals to Leah that she has applied for a transfer. After Jett returns from summer camp, John and Marilyn discover that he caused $500 worth of damage to camp property, and they end up arguing about how to discipline him. 

Friday 18 July


Spencer visits Evelyn following the public revelation of Oscar’s crime. Marilyn toughens up with Jett. Mark admits to Kyle that he owes the Braxtons an apology. They agree to a lunch at the Diner, where they witness a heated exchange between Andy and Brax. As the Braxtons return home, shots are fired through their window, while a getaway driver makes a quick escape.