Freeview film of the day: Captain America: the Winter Soldier

Oh say can you see another superhero movie…


Captain America: the Winter Soldier ★★★★ 
PREMIERE 8.30-10.40pm BBC1


If you’ve always wondered what Hayley Atwell would look like at 96, this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe instalment for you. The sequel to the pretty convincing wartime origins story Captain America: the First Avenger shifts forward 70 years to the present day, where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), now working for spy agency SHIELD, has aged not a jot thanks to cryogenics, while former squeeze Peggy Carter (Atwell, with the help of face-CGI) has. But the big plotline involves Rogers’s one-time best bud (Sebastian Stan) breaking bad as assassin the Winter Soldier. Captain A is assisted in the air by the Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Marvel’s first African-American superhero, amid conspiracies, terrorists, satellites, “Helicarriers” and flash drives. Robert Redford adds gravitas and the directing Russo brothers make light work of the escalating action set pieces. The team returned for Civil War this year (new to Sky Premiere today), boasting extra Iron Man.


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