Coronation Street: Kym Marsh says that Michelle and Steve shouldn’t get back together – “He’s had enough chances”

"What he did with Leanne was the ultimate betrayal. How could he have done that?"


Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh has revealed that she thinks Michelle is right to call time on her marriage to Steve.


“I’d tell her not to go to any marriage guidance counselling with Steve,” said the Corrie star. “He’s had enough chances to prove that her loves her. And what he did with Leanne was the ultimate betrayal. How could he have done that? I’d tell her to remember that she’s strong and not to go back to someone who doesn’t deserve her.”

Recent episodes of the ITV soap have seen Michelle temporarily leave town after discovering that Steve fathered a baby with neighbour Leanne. But next week’s drama will see Michelle return, only to find herself facing pressure from Steve to give him another chance.

And let’s not forgot Robert, who has made no secret of his affections for Michelle – and even goes so far as to offer her work at the Bistro. So how does Michelle feel about her latest admirer? Says Marsh: “She does start to wonder if, in fact, she feelings for Robert. She knows how he feels and he’s been a great friend. He’s always there for her too.”

All these on-screen relationship ructions have also inevitably resulted in a change in work patterns for Marsh, who must now face the prospect of not working so closely with co-star Simon Gregson. So what’s it been like being away from someone with whom she’s had a decade-long bond?

“It’s really strange. Simon and I have been an on-screen partnership on and off for 10 years and something pulls us back together every time. But I don’t know if this can be fixed.

“I’m enjoying working with Tristan Gemmill [Robert] – he’s a great actor very professional. He brings out a different side to Michelle, so as an actress it’s nice to work with someone different. There’s always something else that people bring to the table, so no two relationships are the same. Michelle and Robert have a very different chemistry to Steve and Michelle.”

And yet, despite there being the possibility of fresh romance for her character, Marsh admits that there is someone missing in Weatherfield who would certainly be able to give Michelle the strength she needs: “Definitely Carla. Oh, I think Carla would have her corner – they would a formidable force. Leanne and Steve would not stand a chance!”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that particular reunion, then!

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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