Harry Enfield makes a very convincing Queen Elizabeth in David Walliams sketch Who Does One Think One Is

“This morning one thought one was just an ordinary OAP”


If you fancy seeing Harry Enfield in a magenta frock, pearl necklace and lilac eyeshadow, pretending to be Queen Liz, then you’ve come to the right place. 


This clip from Walliams & Friend sketch Who Does One Think One Is, a parody of the BBC documentary, features Enfield acting completely astonished that “one’s family tree seems to be chock-a-block with kings and queens” – not unlike Danny Dyer’s reaction to the discovery of his own royal heritage last week. 

When “the queen” discovers she’s related to King George VI, she cries: “Shove off! From The King’s Speech? My father is Colin Firth?”

She later signs off with: “Now, if you’ll excuse me – one has to go to the balcony and wave at the people. One doesn’t really know why, but they seem to like it.”


Walliams & Friend continues on Friday at 9.30pm on BBC1