10 Harry Potter properties assessed and valued by estate agents

From Malfoy Manor to Gaunt Shack, you won't believe how much some of these Potterworld homes are worth - or how little...


In 2013 muggles almost broke the internet when American real estate agent David Cross estimated the value of Hogwarts was $204,102,000 – equivalent at the time to around £132,000,000.


Among other things, Cross’s valuation took into account size, location and price per square foot for comparable homes.

Inspired by the idea, UK-based estate agency YOPA sent agents out to value ten more prominent residential properties that appear in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

Here are their assessments and valuations…

1. The Shrieking Shack

Location: Outskirts of village of Hogsmeade in the Galloway hills of Scotland. Within walking distance of world famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Description: A remarkable detached property situated on the outskirts of the sought after mysticalvillage of Hogsmeade – known as the only non-muggle settlement in Britain –and benefitting from the many amenities this bustling magical community has to offer.

While in fair structural condition, the house has been derelict for some time, with exposed floorboards, boarded windows and doors, and wall and base units in varying degrees of disuse and damage.

Summary: Detached, two floors, once-grand entrance hallway, winding staircase leading to galleried landing, two spacious receptions rooms with fireplaces, three bedrooms, spacious kitchen, family bathroom, gardens at front, sides and rear. 

Disclaimer: Once described as ‘the most haunted house in Hogsmeade’, the property was a temporary hideout for

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and several of his Death Eaters. This includes famous triple agent Professor Snape who was murdered by the Dark Lord in the shack itself.

Square footage: 1,500

Valuation: £225,000

A property in good condition within Hogsmeade itself might be expected to fetch up to £375 per square foot, however as this property is on the village outskirts and is in need of major renovation, we have set a much lower price per square foot of £150.

Rachel Dickman, a local estate agent for YOPA in Liverpool, said: “We welcome to the market this remarkable property situated in the sought after mystical village of Hogsmeade. Once described as ‘the most haunted house in Hogsmeade’, this residence has a wealth of history. 


“Ideally suited for a witch or wizard ready to take on the challenge of restoring the many original features this property has to offer, and who desires a degree of security. Dexterity of the new owner is a must to be able to navigate the entrance of the property at the base of the Whomping Willow and would not be suited to all purchasers.”