Neighbours: Charlie sees Steph and Belinda kissing – while a new teacher makes a splash entrance

18-22 July 2016: Plus Xanthe finds out that Gary paid Ben to take her out on a date


Monday 18 July


Terese and Brad banish Tyler when they over- hear Piper’s plan to ‘go all the way’. Later, when Piper finds Tyler talking to a hot girl, she throws a jug of water over her, only to discover that she is Susan’s niece Elly, and Piper’s new teacher. Ben tells Xanthe how he feels and the pair share a romantic kiss. 

Tuesday 19 July

When Elly implies that Tyler confided in her that Piper is too immature for him, Piper is devastated. Xanthe immediately dumps Ben when Gary reveals that he paid him to take her to the school formal. Steph agrees to meet Belinda to clear the air, but Belinda has more than lunch on her mind. 

Wednesday 20 July

Steph is upset to learn that Charlie saw her and Belinda kissing, and she is forced to tell Mark everything. Jack is impressed when he sees that Paige is turning her life around and is more torn than ever. Battle lines are drawn and Sonya is forced to take a position on the bike lanes. 

Thursday 21 July

Jack tells Father Vincent about his conflicting feelings but is given less than compassionate advice. When he searches out Paige, the promise of another life comes firmly into focus. Sonya finds herself in the middle of a nasty community dispute when she learns the identity of the bike path hit-and-run. 


Friday 22 July

When Vincent passes away, Jack takes it as a sign that God wants him to continue his good work. Paul pays Terese’s PI to send all the information on Ryan to the West Waratah Star, unaware that this will expose Amy’s secret past. Brad and Lauren enjoy a romantic camping trip without the kids.