Everyone had much more fun watching Twitter than Top Gear

Was Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc's revamp a hit on Twitter? Er... no


After a year of intense speculation and an astonishing amount of hype, tonight saw the long-awaited return of Top Gear. Gone were Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May (thanks to that fracas), but the BBC2 format was back as more or less the same show… with different presenters.


Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc took the wheel, but for those watching, the general consensus was that Twitter was far more entertaining. 

Clarkson, Hammond and May were conspicuously absent from the online commentary, but that didn’t stop viewers pre-empting their reaction…

Chief among their list of complaints was Evans himself whom the audience deemed too “shouty” and “annoying”…

But for his co-star, Matt LeBlanc, the ride was far less bumpy…

There were one or two people who found the show’s reincarnation enjoyable: 

And the occasional tweeter did cut Evans, LeBlanc and co some slack…

But Twitter wasn’t exactly captivated. 

Nor were they impressed by the fact that it was basically the same show with far less zing.

As new Top Gear’s maiden drive came to a close, the Twitter mauling showed no signs of abating. 

And everyone agreed there was only one winner: