Benedict Cumberbatch to play a world-famous magician who fooled the Nazis

The Sherlock actor will star as British hero Jasper Maskelyne, a real-life magician who helped the Allied forces fight in World War II

Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Jasper Maskelyne, a magician who helped defeat the Nazis in World War II in a film called The War Magician.


The film, based on a true story which was made into a novel by David Fisher, has been in in development since 2003, with Tom Cruise originally set to play the part, according to Deadline.

Maskelyne used his talent for illusions by making tanks invisible from the air, hiding whole buildings full of ammunition and supplies. He was part of a special force for subterfuge and counterintelligence, and the group was nicknamed the “Magic Gang”.


Having played genius manipulator Sherlock Holmes, Cumberbatch should fit the part perfectly…