Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood is REALLY excited that the Cursed Child play is a sequel

Actress Evanna Lynch would gladly age 10 years to bring her character to the West End stage

If you thought you were excited about upcoming Harry Potter play the Cursed Child then you’d best think again, because Evanna Lynch – aka Luna Lovegood – can’t contain her excitement.


The actress took to Twitter when news of the show’s plot – it’s a sequel about Harry’s son Albus Severus, NOT a prequel – broke, expressing her delight and stating her intention to get back to some serious Potter business.

Pottering is not to be confused with the practice that earned Harry’s wizarding family their name, though. Lynch has a VERY particular definition.

And while casting for the show, which opens in 2016, has yet to be announced she’d gladly age herself up to appear as Luna again.


Hold on to your wizarding hats – stranger things have happened…