Harry Potter fans are trying to free Dobby with their socks

"Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf"

It still makes our eyes prickle to think what happened to Dobby. But while he became the victim of JK Rowling’s pen in the Harry Potter books, the house elf lives on at Leavesden’s Warner Bros Studios in Watford.


However, there’s a problem. Dobby is living in a glass case. This is not ok. 

The model made to immortalise Harry’s loyal friend is one of many on display at the Harry Potter studio tour where fans can browse the scores of props, costumes and sets used to make the eight films. 

And while we have no qualms about Death Eaters, Aragog and (certainly) Mandrakes being kept behind glass, it seems unfair that Dobby – a free elf – is imprisoned in such a manner. Fans certainly think so – in fact they’ve gone as far as sacrificing their own socks in a bid to win Dobby the freedom he deserves. 

And it turns out England isn’t the only place where Dobby is in need of our items of clothing. 


This calls for a S.P.E.W. meeting right away. Let’s get Hermione on the phone!