Did you spot the Buffy Easter egg in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

In case you missed it... Joss Whedon popped a subtle nod to Buffy spin-off Angel in the Avengers' showdown with the metal menace


If you were paying really close attention to Avengers: Age of Ultron, you probably spotted lots of Easter Eggs throughout the film, including that arm-chopping Star Wars nod.


However, no matter how closely you looked, chances are you missed Joss Whedon’s nod to his own TV series, because it was so obscure that it took DVD commentary to pull it out.

If you listen to the director’s commentary – as ScreenCrush helpfully points out – you’ll hear Whedon confirm that there’s a sly reference to Angel in Thor’s rather odd visions of Asgard. Did you spot the people in odd masks? They’re actually a wolf, a ram and a hart. Hart being the Medieval word for stag.

And it just so happens that they’re the same “true demons”, Wolf, Ram and Hart, who set the “senior partners” at Wolfram & Hart, the evil law firm Angel spends much of his time fighting in his self-titled Buffy spin-off.

It’s not the first time Whedon’s considered a crossover into the Marvel Universe for Buffy. Back in 2013, he told an audience at San Diego Comic-Con that he’d considered making Ms Summers the cousin of X-Men’s very own Scott Summers aka Cyclops.


The plan was to have her mentioned as Scott’s cousin who’d been institutionalised for having delusions about fighting demons, reported Cinema Blend. However, he couldn’t figure out how to work it into the conversations he was writing so the whole plan went out the window.

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