Margot Robbie celebrates her birthday on the set of Suicide Squad

The Australian actress, who is playing Harley Quinn in the upcoming movie, was presented with an impressive comic book cake on her 25th birthday

We are all in agreement that having to go into work on your birthday is a little bit rubbish. However lovely your colleagues are, the best most of us can hope for is a signed card and a lacklustre Victoria sponge. 


But this is clearly not the case when you are Margot Robbie. 

The Australian actress turned 25 this week. And while she may be busy filming dark and disturbing scenes from the upcoming super villain flick Suicide Squad, she also had time to be spoilt rotten by her co-stars. 

Cast and crew from the movie, including Jared Leto, Will Smith, Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne, took a break from filming in Toronto to present Robbie with a cake that would make her Suicide Squad character proud. 

The celebratory sponge was decorated with prints and colours from Harley Quinn’s outfit (which Robbie was still wearing at the time) as well as edible copies of the Harley Quinn comics, made out of icing. 

Harley's cake – thank you squad!

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Beats that shop-bought sponge, doesn’t it…


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