Chris Pratt’s spoof of Jason Statham is even better than his TOWIE impression

The Jurassic World star proves he's the master at impersonating British stars

We all know Chris Pratt can do a spot on TOWIE impression, but now he’s outdone himself on the British accent front by spoofing Jason Statham just as convincingly.


“Hello, I’m action movie star Jason Statham,” he growls intensely into the camera during a spoof advert cut from his Saturday Night Live gig last September, “and whether I’m shooting a beef fight scene or shooting a beef talking scene, I need a healthy snack that gives me a boost of energy. 

“And that’s why now there’s Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums.”

In a bald cap and leather jacket, Pratt’s husky Statham then struggles to explain just how to eat his meaty treats. 

“Once they’re hot, bring em up to you mouth normally, put the Steakum inside the open space that your mouth makes. You feel some pressure in the roof of your mouth and on the top of your tongue… it’s alright; it just means you’re ready to chew.”


The Saturday Night Live sketch was to be included when Pratt hosted an episode last year, but was cut because there wasn’t enough time for it. Even if SNL didn’t want it, we’ll very happily watch Pratt be gruff and cockney on Youtube instead…

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