TV explorer attacked by polar bear on Arctic expedition

Paul Rose tweeted that he's "Alive, happy!" after apparently being cornered in his tent while reporting for National Geographic

TV explorer Paul Rose has had a brush with death after being attacked by a polar bear during an Arctic expedition.


Rose, whose BBC series include Oceans and Britain’s Secret Seas, is believed to have been in his tent when it was charged by the ferocious predator.

He tweeted:

Rose is in the high Arctic near Greenland on a National Geographic expedition reporting on the impact that the disappearance of summer sea ice is having on the region. The Pristine Seas project is chronicling how the changes are affecting the lives of local Inuit communities in particular.

He said before leaving: “We’ll be there for six weeks at a very dynamic time when the sea ice is breaking out, icebergs rolling, open water appearing and bringing in whales, seals and polar bears.”


Rose is due back on our TV screens next month (July), walking in the comparative safety of the Pennine Way for a BBC2 documentary.