Olivia Colman: I didn’t get offered any work for six months after Broadchurch series two

"I think there's a perception that I'll be too busy", the actress tells Radio Times

You’d think a starring role in a Bafta-winning drama and several gongs of your own would make you a sought after asset but British actress Olivia Colman has discovered that isn’t quite the case.


“After those first two Baftas, I didn’t really get offered anything” she reveals in this week’s edition of Radio Times. “And, after I finished the second series of Broadchurch, nothing came up for six months, which really is a long time and I got a bit panicky.”

Of course, Colman – whose new film London Road is in UK cinemas from Friday 12th June – did find more work. In fact, she’s been rather busy shooting BBC1’s six-part drama The Night Manager in Morocco with Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hollander and Hugh Laurie.

The new adaptation of the John Le Carré novel has been re-written to accommodate Colman’s pregnancy: her character, who was originally a male British spy, is now a heavily pregnant female agent.

“It would be worse if I was having to hide it on screen” she says, “because I’ve already got a waddle. But, so far, it’s always worked out for me that I’ve been able to be pregnant in the job I’m doing.”

The filming of Broadchurch’s third season has been delayed until the baby arrives and, two series in, Colman still struggles to deal with the amount of attention the drama attracts.

“I’d always worked steadily and, maybe once a day or so, someone would tell me that they loved Peep Show” she says, “but Broadchurch was a totally different thing. The level of interest was actually quite intimidating”.

And speaking of Peep Show, she’s rather excited about its ninth season. “I’ve seen the writers and I’ve said I’d to anything, even a drive-by scene, to be in it.”

Read the full interview with Olivia Colman in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale from Tuesday 2nd June.


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