Michael Palin takes us on a journey to a planet of moon mice as the Clangers return

The Monty Python actor and documentary maker introduces the iconic whistling creatures in this sneak peek from the 2015 remake...

“This is the earth, our home, ” says Michael Palin, in this heart-warming new clip from the Clangers remake. “A tiny wet planet lost and alone lost in the vast silence of space.


“Hold on, listen. Maybe it’s not so silent. Maybe we’re not so alone… let’s go closer and have a look…”.

And sure enough, we’re not alone at all, but joined by those the pink, long-nosed puppets who first appeared on our TV screens in 1969. They speak only by whistling and live in space on a small planet peppered with holes topped with metal dustbin lids. We’re also accompanied by the dulcet tones of Michael Palin, who has taken over narration duties from Oliver Postgate Sr who narrated the original series.


The 52 eleven-minute episodes will use Postgate’s technique of stop frame animation and resemble the original, with the producers expected to add in some up-to-date animation expertise.