Meet the Chinese Gunther who is living Friends for real

This Friends devotee has opened his own Central Perk in Beijing and modelled his flat on Monica's. "Friends makes me happy," he says. "I'm living in Friends. Of course I'm happy every day."

We’ve all dreamt our life was a bit like Friends. It’s a world where you could sit around drinking coffee with your best friends all day and (almost) never have to fight for the best spot in the cafe. Where you could eat pizza with Joey whenever you want, get to live in a massive flat in central New York, and are guaranteed to find your lobster. 


But while you’ve only fantasised about it, a man in Beijing has actually done it. Having gone through a bad break-up, Gunther’s (not his birth name…) friends suggested he watch Friends to help him get over his heartbreak. It did the trick: Gunther became so obsessed with the show he opened his very own Central Perk in Beijing, where he works as a barista, complete with specially made couches and a real life Smelly Cat.

He also modelled his own flat on Monica’s place, even making the gilted gold frame on the back of the door. Gunther has paid attention to every tiny detail, from Joey’s favourite Baywatch DVD to the Lionel Richie record Chandler sang along to with Phoebe while mourning his split from Janice.

“It’s easy to act [like] Gunther,” says Gunther in this video made for i.D. “Just keep quite and [provide] good service. Also [he’s] a little bit cool, right?

“Friends makes me happy. For me, I’m living in Friends. Of course I’m happy every day.”

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