Coronation Street spoilers: Callum would ditch Sarah-Louise for Kylie, says Sean Ward

The bad boy drug dealer continues to point score against David in scenes to be shown next week

Sarah-Louise (Tina O’Brien) is to sleep with the enemy when she gets to grips with bad boy Callum Logan. The Platts’ bitter enemy makes his move during scenes to be shown next week when his efforts to help Sarah with some computer problems take a twist.


“Sarah’s having trouble with her router and Callum – being the charming and helpful young man that he is – offers his services,” explains actor Sean Ward. “We see them walk off to the Platts’, so it’s left up to the viewers’ imagination as to what happens once they get there.”

Drug dealer Callum is, of course, currently at war with Sarah’s brother David (Jack P Shepherd) over custody of young Max. So does the chance to wind David up further give Sarah an added attractiveness in the eyes of Callum?

“Definitely. One hundred per cent. Anything that can wind David up is a bonus to Callum,” admits Ward. “He certainly relishes the challenge once he finds out that Sarah is David’s sister. He knows she’ll have been told not to go near Callum. The fact that she’s got his card marked massively keeps his interests piqued. Every time he tries it with her, she gives it right back and that’s a big turn on for Callum. He likes feisty, strong women – that’s why he liked Kylie.”

Certainly, Callum will waste no time in ramping up the passion. By Friday, the pair will be spending the afternoon having sex, but viewers will be left wondering whether David is about to catch them at it. However, it seems that Callum would waste no time in finishing with Sarah were Kylie to suddenly resurface.

“He would drop Sarah for Kylie in a heartbeat,” says the actor. If Kylie would have him – which isn’t likely.”

But one factor that could go in favour of Callum are his efforts to get access to Max. Could the fact that he’s been attending mediation sessions stand him in good stead? “Yes, he’d pull out all barrels to try and get Kylie back and make her see he’s a bigger and better man than David.

“He would also worry that if Kylie got back with David, that would give them more power and would weaken his position. So I think he’d do everything he could to keep them apart.”

With actress Paula Lane already back filming as Corrie, it seems that the stage is set for a tug of love over Max. So is Callum really serious about being part of the young lad’s life?

“It’s definitely gone past the point of just playing games. He really cares about Max. But I wouldn’t say he was 100 per cent committed to being a father and having full custody,” says Ward. “He probably hasn’t actually thought properly about what would happen. But now it’s a lot more about Max than it used to be. It was all about scoring points over David and winning Kylie back at first. He just doesn’t see David as a man and he doesn’t want a guy like David bringing up his son – he thinks he’s no man for the job.”

And how far would Callum go to get what he wants? “As far as he needs to take it. He will do whatever it takes to secure Max and to show David up as inadequate.”

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