The TV ‘ships’ that float your boats

From Silent Witness to NCIS, Farscape to Stargate, you told us which TV couples you've always wanted to see together so we've set sail with a selection of your favourites...

Sam and Jack (Stargate)

Could you call them Stargate crossed lovers? Laura Tisdall would.


Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill almost found love in hopeless space, but the SG-1 writers just wouldn’t give them their happily ever after.

Gary and Miranda (Miranda)

She may have wooed the nation with her wit but winning over Gary wasn’t quite so easy for our Miranda. For a long time, the laugh-out-loud lady fell into the friendzone with her former college pal, leaving viewers like Susan Seddon feeling fairly sad.

All’s well that ends well though, eh? Shippers should be fairly happy with the way these two bowed out in Miranda’s big finale

Peter and Assumpta (Ballykissangel)

When Father Peter Clifford arrived in the small Irish parish of Ballykissangel from Manchester it’s safe to say he wasn’t expecting to meet landlady Assumpta Fitzgerald. Nor was the man of the cloth expecting the impact she would have on him.

There was just something about the way the two interacted that quite simply sent sparks flying and Gee Baker couldn’t help but feel as though they were the ultimate ‘ship’.

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