Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

23-27 February: when Kyle organises a Summer Bay outing to Phoebeʼs music launch, Sophie grabs the wheel of Nateʼs car and sends it hurtling towards the packed bus

Monday 23 February


Nieve is determined to re-sign Phoebe and offers her a new contract. Ash struggles to find a new direction after failing to find his sister. Maddy breaks down after learning that chemotherapy treatment may affect her fertility. There is trouble in paradise for Hannah and Andy when they bump into Nieve, who brazenly tells Andy that she has no hard feelings about what happened between them. 

Tuesday 24 February

Maddy goes into surgery surrounded by her loved ones, but frustratingly for Josh this does not include him. Ricky and Brax learn that they are going to have a baby boy. Nate returns home from work to discover an envelope under the door containing an ominous message. Spencer is furious when Chris returns unexpectedly from his job on the cruise ship in order to check up on him. 

Wednesday 25 February

Ash bumps into Denny and notices that she is wearing an engagement ring. Evelyn suspects that Maddy has something to do with Josh breaking up with her, but Hannah keeps quiet about Maddyʼs cancer. Matt accepts an offer to be Phoebeʼs support act but keeps the news from Sasha. Sophie lures Nate to a hotel room claiming that she needs medical help, but he arrives to find a romantic table set for two. 

Thursday 26 February

Nate is knocked unconscious and wakes up to find his wrists bound and Sophie pouring petrol around the hotel room. As she paces up and down with a lit candle, he tells her that he loves her and begs her to let him go. Sasha finds out that Matt is Phoebeʼs support act. Kyle rallies the troops and gets a group of Summer Bay residents to attend Phoebeʼs launch. Nieveʼs assistant conspires to spike Phoebeʼs drink before she goes on stage. 

Friday 27 February


Ash and Andy are locked in the basement while Phoebe is at the mercy of Nieveʼs lecherous assistant. Maddy runs away before her first chemotherapy session. Nate tells Sophie that he wants them to run away together. Meanwhile, a busload of Summer Bay residents make their way to Phoebeʼs launch. When Sophie grabs the wheel of Nateʼs car in a fit of rage, it swerves into the incoming lane…