Don’t Tell the Bride divorces BBC3 to marry BBC1

Wedding show will survive BBC3's move online and feature a “wider range of brides and grooms”

Phew! Don’t Tell the Bride, universally acknowledged as the greatest show ever [Ed. Jonathan Holmes does not speak for everyone at], will survive BBC3’s move online. The show in which grooms plan their wedding without the help of their fiancés will move to BBC1 next year.


In a tweet the corporation’s director of communications announced the relaunched show would feature a “wider range of brides and grooms”. Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC1, claimed it would bring a “new flavour” to the channel. Presumably that flavour is wedding cake and Lambrini.

Speaking to Broadcast, Moore explained it would “retain all the elements fans of the show love but re-imagined for a broad audience.” In practice, this means that instead of the young brides and grooms featured on BBC Three, the couples will range between 30 and 55 years old.

The announcement comes after the BBC outlined its plans to move its youth channel online and cuts its budget. As part of this, factual entertainment shows such as Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents are to be phased out.


It is not known exactly when the programme will go out, but the six episode series will premiere in 2015.