Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Holly Valance and the Neighbours turned pop stars

Delta Goodrem's return to the show is an excellent excuse to reminisce about Ramsay Street actors who sang songs this nation actually approved of...

Ever since we heard the news that Delta Goodrem (aka Nina Tucker) has taken a break from her successful music career Down Under to appear in Neighbours for its 30th anniversary special, we’ve been humming the refrains of other Ramsay Street stars who had pop hits in the UK. 


Goodrem – whose single Innocent Eyes got to number three in the UK charts – is just one of a long line of Erinsborough denizens to sing their way up the charts. Here’s a round-up of the best blasts from the past…

Kylie Minogue: The ultimate Ramsay Street success

Neighbours character: Charlene Mitchell Robinson

Chart success: Kylie swapped dungarees for dance studios and became Erinsborough’s most famous face. I Should Be So Lucky spent five weeks at number one in 1988, and the singer has had seven other UK chart-topping singles since then plus five number one albums. 

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Jason Donovan: The male Kylie (for a while)

Neighbours character: Scott Robinson

Chart success: Kylie’s “secret boyfriend” and the man with the best teeth in soap-land, Donovan reached number one with Too Many Broken Hearts in 1989, and achieved three other chart-toppers and two number one albums. 

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Craig McLachlan: The one-hit wonder

Neighbours character: Henry Ramsay

Chart success: Seeing his on-screen sister Charlene’s pop success, McLachlan scored his first (and last) top ten with Mona at number two. A string of flop singles followed and he’s since returned to his Neighbours roots and concentrated on acting.

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Natalia Imbruglia: The cool one we all want to be

Neighbours Character: Beth Brennan

Chart success: Her 1997 single Torn and 1998’s Big Mistake both reached number two, and three top ten albums followed. Torn was so massive that she’s often referred to as a one-hit wonder, despite having sold more than 10 million albums. 

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Holly Valance: The one with the catchy song and raunchy video

Neighbours character: Flick Scully

Chart success: Catchy Kiss Kiss got to number one in 2002 (helped by a video of Valance in flesh-coloured bikini), and album Footprints had moderate success at number eight. Follow-up album State of Mind bombed, and Valance left the music industry for good, declaring , “I do something until it’s not fun any more and then move on. Music wasn’t fun any more.”

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Stefan Dennis: The one who shouldn’t have recorded a song at all

Neighbours character: Paul Robinson 

Chart success: Don’t It Make You Feel Good? wasn’t a “hit” and made most people feel a bit nauseous, but we couldn’t resist re-watching Dennis’ attempt to reach smouldering sex-God status. The song got to a respectable(ish) number 16 — but that was as good as it got for Erinsborough’s sleaziest businessman.

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