Knightmare named best children’s programme in Kids TV Champ

The 1980s adventure game show was crowned the winner after beating Ant and Dec's SM:TV Live in the final round

Enter, stranger….


Knightmare has been voted the best children’s show in’s Kids TV Champ tournament.

More than 18,000 votes were cast in the final as the 1980s ITV adventure game – in which teams of four children faced a quest through a computer-generated fantasy world of knights and dragons – beat Ant and Dec’s SM:TV Live, a Saturday morning show from the late 1990s and early 2000s featuring sketches, celebrities, quizzes and cartoons.

The route to victory was long and hard-fought, with 128 children’s shows from the last six decades being whittled down to just two as a total of 100,000 votes were cast in six rounds. The semi-finals saw SM:TV Live beat cartoon icons Tom and Jerry, and Knightmare take out 50-year-old puppets Sooty and Sweep.

Knightmare, which acquired a cult status for its immensely fun but ludicrously difficult challenges and sometimes questionable CGI, was first broadcast in 1987 on CITV and aired its last ever episode in 1994.

Congratulations, Knightmare!


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