Coronation Street spoilers: Rob confesses that he killed Tina – watch the full scene

Carla gets the truth out of her brother during a dramatic showdown

This is the moment that we finally see murderer Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) break down and admit that he was the one who killed Tina McInyre.


Scenes to be shown this evening will see Rob’s sister Carla (Alison King) push Rob until he admits the truth.

“Rob’s backed up into a corner and he just can’t lie to her anymore,” Baylis tells, of how Carla finds out his terrible secret. “They’ve been through so much together, he doesn’t have to say it. She just knows. It’s crystal clear from her point of view.


You can watch the scene below and also catch an interview with actor Marc Baylis, where he talks about his dramatic exit from the ITV soap.