Chloe Sevigny on Paris, travel and her Whit Stillman show

The Cosmopolitans, Kids, Brown Bunny and American Psycho actress reveals her favourite places to sleep, drink and visit...


Whit Stillman’s satirical new drama, The Cosmopolitans, is set in Paris and follows a group of expats on their quest for love and social status. Chloe Sevigny plays a respected fashion journalist and offers advice on what to do in Paris, and while travelling…


What’s your all time favourite place to visit?

Egira, Greece. There are no cars, it’s on the Mediterranean, it’s got great food. You can go through Athens and have a bit of city, and then have chill out on the beach. It’s the best duel vacation, some history and some zoning out time. Combining the two is the ideal vacation for me.

What’s your top piece of travel advice?

Bring a friend who you’re close with, who you can get along with and not pull each other’s eyes out.

What do you never leave home without?

Lavender oil. I like to put it on the pillow in the aeroplane or the hotel room. It helps me relax, especially when I’m dealing with jetlag.

If you could travel with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

My boyfriend, he’s very pleasant and can take care of me.

What’s the best meal you’ve experienced while travelling?

Veselka in New York City, for some soup and pierogis.

What’s your favourite place to stay around the world?

I like staying in super fancy hotels, like Claridges or the Ritz, in London.

What was it like filming in Paris, and what do you enjoy doing in the city?

I loved being there, and quasi living there. I really like Père Lachaise. I like cemeteries a lot. I love the gardens. My advice would be to sit down somewhere and people watch. Let yourself go and don’t feel like you have to run around and see everything. Experience it in the non-moving sense.

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