Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie Grimsby is currently shooting in Epping Forest

The Ali G writer and actor’s new comedy about a British special agent is well under way in Essex

Borat and Ali G actor Sacha Baron Cohen is shooting his new movie Grimsby at North Weald station and around the Epping Forest area.


The film follows a British black ops agent, Sherlock Holmes actor Mark Strong, who goes on the run with his stupid soccer hooligan brother, played by Baron Cohen. Peaky Blinders actress Annabelle Wallis stars as Baron Cohen’s girlfriend.

The script has been penned by Baron Cohen, Wreck-It Ralph writer Phil Johnston and Borat and Bruno co-writer Peter Baynham and the movie will be directed by Louis LeTerrier (Clash of the Titans).

Baron Cohen was spotted at a Grimsby FC match in October in preparation for his new role, and it’s believed that writer Johnston visited Scunthorpe, Hull and Newcastle to find inspiration for the movie.

Shooting will take place for six weeks in Britain, before the cast and crew move to South Africa in the autumn.

Grimsby is slated for release in July 2015.


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