Bafta Television Awards 2014: Vote Doctor Who in the Radio Times Audience Award says Frank Skinner

Comedian Frank Skinner wants you to vote for the 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor in the Radio Times Audience Award at this year's Bafta Television Awards

Where did you see the
 50th birthday episode?


In a cinema. The audience included Sylvester McCoy, John Hurt, Matt Smith and Steven Moffat – and me feeling like I was in heaven.

What was your favourite scene?

I got tearful when all the Doctors appeared together – remembering it now I feel a bit tingly.

What do you love about Who?

Many things but particularly that the Doctor himself is not a macho hero; he’s a nerd who is wise, gentle and treats all species the same. Even when he had a chance to destroy the Daleks, he had second thoughts.

How long have you been a fan?

From the start. I only remember a few things from when I was a small child: one of them was the news that President John F Kennedy had been shot and the next night Doctor Who started. I remember that first episode frighteningly distinctly. I was very, very excited.

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What the shortlist judges say

“It was an excellent celebration. It’s rare that a programme lives up to the hype. This did. And the Tom Baker
 surprise was the perfect ending and a brilliantly kept secret.” Boyd Hilton, HEAT 

The Radio Times Audience Award is the only prize at this year’s Television Awards chosen by the public. The shortlist was drawn up by a panel of top TV critics but the final decision lies with you. Your winner will be announced on Sunday 18 May 2014 on BBC One.

Voting is open until midday on Thursday May 15 at