Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

31 March-4 April: Ricky and Nate work out how to break the news of their affair, while Denny prepares to leave the Bay

Monday 31 March


Ricky and Nate want to stay cocooned in their love bubble after getting together, but how long can they protect their relationship from prying eyes? Roo and Harvey break the news of their divorce to Spencer and Maddy, who deal with the information very differently. After a disastrous first day back at school, Bianca starts to doubt whether she has made the right decision. 

Tuesday 1 April

Oscar is determined to bring Evelyn and Denny closer together, but Evelyn has other ideas and Denny ends up upset. Heath warns Casey not to look for Brax, but Casey will not be deterred. Darcy’s first day at school offers an inkling of what Summer Bay is in for. Roo wants Harvey to make things right with Maddy and Spencer before he leaves the Bay. 

Wednesday 2 April

Sasha enlists Tamara’s help in running for school captain, but Matt is out to make some mischief. Roo tries to convince an unwilling John to talk to Harvey for her. Evelyn continues to be suspicious of Denny, but reconsiders her feelings after a talk with Leah. Denny wonders if she should really leave the Bay. 

Thursday 3 April

To thank Irene for all her kindness, Chris and Spencer plan to set her up with her dream man, enlisting a reluctant John to assist in their plot. Sasha and Tamara’s feud heats up, with Sasha going for the Mangrove River vote, while Andy and Josh are unsure that the post is worth fighting for. Harvey prepares to bid farewell to the Bay. Will Maddy and Spencer forgive him in time? 

Friday 4 April

Casey has a plan to reduce Brax’s sentence, but are his brothers on side? In the midst of all the discussion about Brax’s appeal, Heath gets an unexpected visitor, as well as a massive shock. John’s search for a date for Irene turns into a comedy of errors as Marilyn gets the wrong end of the stick. Josh is threatened by Maddy’s closeness to Spencer, so the couple have a heart to heart.