25 wonderful things the World Wide Web has given us

Happy birthday World Wide Web! We've had some great times together...


Today marks the day the World Wide Web became a thing.


Twenty five whole years ago we were, er, talking, or something. But in March 1989 British scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web as a way of posting and accessing information.

Berners-Lee gave us web pages, links and browsers – and, by extension, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

What a guy.

In celebration, here are 25 things we’re glad we have had the chance to see and share…

Cat videos

Honestly, how would we get through a whole week without one? And cat videos that remake famous films? Even better.

Catch-up TV online

Because forgetting to put the tape in the tape recorder felt like the worst thing in the world.

We wouldn’t have had Breaking Bad. So this would never have happened.

via Funny or Die

Benedict Cumberbatch otters

How else would we have shared such wisdom about the Sherlock actor?


What misery would life be if we couldn’t find out which Call the Midwife character we were?


Without the World Wide Web we couldn’t have shared this much Jennifer Lawrence goodness with the world.


Or spent hours decoding this Doctor Who poster together. As an online family. 

Films would be free from Internet spoofs.

How, HOW would we have let people know Ellen DeGeneres threw herself into the Oscars crowd and created the most popular selfie of all time?

Selfie probably wouldn’t even be a thing. We’d just be taking pictures of ourselves with no-one to show. NO-ONE!

Tom Hiddleston dancing would have vanished from TV screens never to be seen again. 

We wouldn’t have been able to talk about Sherlock every day. 

Thank you internet for spreading the Harlem Shake trend. Shake it EastEnders…

There’d be no Gangnam Style remakes! 


You couldn’t find out who that annoyingly recognisable person in that film is. You’d have to like, phone a friend or something. 

Picture via Twitter @David_Cameron

We wouldn’t have such valuable insight into celebrities’ lives. Thank you Ricky Gervais for so many bath shots.

via Twitter @rickygervais

Gifs wouldn’t be a thing. 

via reactiongifs.us

Embarrassing early bits of TV work by celebrities would have been forgotten. Like this, eh Aaron Paul?

Binge TV watching wouldn’t be a thing

We wouldn’t be able to live our life through Earlybird or X-Pro II filters. 

You couldn’t cheat in a pub quiz with Wikipedia…

How would we have known this had happened?

via misurkaful Tumblr

We couldn’t have given you this.

There’d be nowhere to do all of our important thumbs up business.


Internet, you make us feel like this…